2 – Pre-Season Pass Deals; And The Runaway Dumpster

2 – Pre-Season Pass Deals; And The Runaway Dumpster

It’s already next season!  It’s time to decide if you’re a good fit for a pre-season discount on a season pass.  We review the multi-mountain passes that have intrigued us to the point of purchase.  And we compare these mega-passes to scoring a deal at your local hill.

Our parent company, Runaway Dumpster, LLC, has a little explaining to do.  You may not have known it, but Runaway Dumpster is skiing verbiage.  We’ll explain.  And Mike will humbly accept full credit.

Every episode includes something helpful, something entertaining, and maybe some other stuff – blurbs, silly memory, sentimental call in, apres/drunken tale, or you-should-have-been-here-yesterday reminiscence.

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