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21 – Avalanche Training and Mt. Baker Review with Colin

21 – Avalanche Training and Mt. Baker Review with Colin

listeners loved Colin’s interview during Episode 13. This is the follow-up we promised. Colin has now completed avalanche training and backcountry education. He’s also already got 18 days of skiing and it is only January 20. His local hill is near Bellingham, Washington. It is Mt. Baker, a rockin’ awesome area. Colin gives a comprehensive overview of all aspects of Mt. Baker. He’ll lead you through the most extreme of its turf, the generally difficult terrain, and cruiser runs for everybody. Baker is famous for two unique races. They are the Banked Slalom and Ski to Sea. It has a natural half-pipe. That’s where the Banked Slalom race happens. Ski to sea is a race that starts with downhill skiing on Mt. Baker, includes cross-country skiing, cycling, and kayaking. Enjoy this groovy episode.

20 – Mt. Bachelor Dissection and Huck It or Chuck It

20 – Mt. Bachelor Dissection and Huck It or Chuck It

K10 Bachelor backside

Mike and Lance talk about Mt. Bachelor. ‘Twas a beautiful 3 day ski weekend for Lance. Mike was there recently as well. We love Bend. We love Sunriver. We love Bachelor. And we do our best to share our history of the place with you. From accommodation location options, to food, to shuttles and parking, and, of course, skiing the whole mountain, we’ve got it all for you on this episode.

6 – Ski Films Spark the Vibe & Anthony’s Aprés Dance

6 – Ski Films Spark the Vibe & Anthony’s Aprés Dance

Ski films should be watched during the end of summer. It’ll put you in the mood to gear-up during Labor Day mega-sales. Mike talks about his mid-80’s Warren Miller Fave. Lance launches into his Greg Stump Era (i.e. Plake, helmet cam, mic’s on skiers, Schmidt) hero’s.
Our story-teller favorite regular guest (whether he knows it or not), Tony Pasin, talks about another tony, “Anthony’s” infamous dance!
Fun stuff for one commute!
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Lance and Mike.

5 – Labor Day Ski Vibe and JB Misses First Tracks

5 – Labor Day Ski Vibe and JB Misses First Tracks

Show Notes

Labor Day Starts the Season Vibe with Biggie Sales:

Ski Bonkers – Labor Day Weekend NOTE: Some preview items and prices are on its web page!
Held at abandoned Sports Authority, just south of Bellevue Square.


Christy Sports’ Powder Daze
Events at four locations. But biggie:
1. Denver Powder Daze. 8/24-9/4. Christy Sports Event Center, 8601 W Cross Dr., Littleton, CO – Next to the Southwest Plaza Mall. 10-8. up to 70% off. Ski pass deals from 11 CO mountains.
2. West Vail Powder Daze. 8/24-9/3.
3. Steamboat Powder Daze. 8/17-8/26

Coorado Ski and Golf’s Ski Rex Sale
Epic Mountain Gear’s Labor Day Weekend Sale
8/31-9/16; starting at 8am friday and saturday, 10am sunday.
At each of Epic Mountain Gear’s 7 locations: Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Frisco, Lone Tree, Littleton, Westminster.

Ski-A-Rama – hosted by Ski-n-See and ARCS (Related stores – same web site, 15 or so stores in Utah.)


Salt Lake area. Aug 24-Labor Day. Web site says details coming soon. (like location and times).

Heavenly Valley

Bolton Valley – Vermont’s largest ski and snowboard sale. over $1mill inventory
Hours for the ski and snowboard sale are as follows: Aug. 28, 4 – 8 p.m.; Aug. 29, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Aug. 30, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Aug. 31, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Sept. 1, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Sept. 5, Noon – 8 p.m.; Sept. 6, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.; and Sept. 7, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
5k trail run. Hop Jam – music.

Straton Mountain – labor day weekend tent sale
TIMES: Thursday 9-5, Friday 9-6, Saturday 9-7, Sunday 9-6, Monday 9-1

Potters Brothers – at Bromley Mountain.

a five-shop outfit. has a big sale
Greentree Sports Complex and Monroeville Convention Center
Sept 1-3.

4 – Rating Ski Town Jobs & Mustard Color and Wood Panel Station Wagon

4 – Rating Ski Town Jobs & Mustard Color and Wood Panel Station Wagon

We have dozens of years of observing resort employees, seasonal help, restaurant and hospitality servers, and retail workers.  Maybe this discussion will help you decide what kind of work to pursue in the soon-to-occur hiring fairs?  It’s hardly a how-to episode.  All vision.

Then Lance shares a family wound to his self-worth.  Support him by listening to his childhood commute to the mountain.

3 – Buying Gear Online & Kirk Drops a Racer

3 – Buying Gear Online & Kirk Drops a Racer

We are partial to buying ski and snowboard equipment in your local shop.  But sometimes online shopping for ski and snowboard gear just makes sense.  There are risks with buying big items, and closeouts online.  Why not stock up on base-layers, goggles, resort-wear now.  We’ve tried some of the online retailers we mention.  And, we share some of our Craigslist and Ebay experiences.  Get shopping.  Ski season and full retail pricing will be here before you know it.

Mike shares a story of our 80+ year old skiing hero and the dude who entered the lift-line a little hot.

Here’s the basic idea.  Find stuff at the sites listed below.  Cross references buyers guide reviews by year of gear at powder.com, skimag.com/gear, backcountrymagazine.com













SPECIALTY:  Racing and tuning




2 – Pre-Season Pass Deals; And The Runaway Dumpster

2 – Pre-Season Pass Deals; And The Runaway Dumpster

It’s already next season!  It’s time to decide if you’re a good fit for a pre-season discount on a season pass.  We review the multi-mountain passes that have intrigued us to the point of purchase.  And we compare these mega-passes to scoring a deal at your local hill.

Our parent company, Runaway Dumpster, LLC, has a little explaining to do.  You may not have known it, but Runaway Dumpster is skiing verbiage.  We’ll explain.  And Mike will humbly accept full credit.

Every episode includes something helpful, something entertaining, and maybe some other stuff – blurbs, silly memory, sentimental call in, apres/drunken tale, or you-should-have-been-here-yesterday reminiscence.

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