31. Seattle’s Favorite TV Meteorologist and Avalanche Expert, Rich Marriott

31. Seattle’s Favorite TV Meteorologist and Avalanche Expert, Rich Marriott

Rich Marriott knows avalanches.  He personally planted some of the hardware that makes forecasting possible for the rest of us mere mortal skiers who take snow control for granted.  Rich has been a meteorologist with King5 News for 33 years, and left a robust history of avalanche research to take on his current career.  We may take it for granted, but we are all safer because of the expertise Rich brings to forecasting during the winter months.  With COVID concerns changing the face of skiing and snowboarding in so many ways, Lance and Mike have shared concerns for people taking to the backcountry without knowing the basics of avalanche preparedness.  You’re going to love Rich’s history in this area, and you’ll appreciate all that goes on behind the scenes to help the skiers and snowboarders like the rest of us have safe days in bounds and out.

Ka-Pow!  Rich knows explosives.  Because at the end of the day, all that’s really going on is trying to shake the mountain a bit  to see what makes things slide, or not.

Choo-Choo.  Did you know the most severe avalanche in the Pacific Northwest was in 1910 on Stevens Pass?  And a train was involved?  And a tunnel was considered for shelter – until someone remembered asphyxiation might be a real thing should there be a need (which there was) to start the engines to keep the cars warm.  And 11 FEET of snow in one day?  And some people left the train to hike in it to a semi-nearby town?

Ok – that’s enough.  Just listen to the podcast episode for the rest!

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