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22 – POWDER Magazine Tribute with Former Editor Steve Casimiro

22 – POWDER Magazine Tribute with Former Editor Steve Casimiro

Adventure Journal is Steve Casimiro’s current passion.  You can find it at www.adventure-journal.com.  Reading Steve’s adventure articles will suck you in and give you the itch to get out.  To get out and explore.  To follow your curiosity.  To embrace your surrounding.  To figure out the “why” of the things we love in the outdoors.  Steve Casimiro is the preeminent adventure storyteller.  He served all of us skiers as the Editor of POWDER magazine from 1987-1998.  His style and leadership gave us a magazine that made us feel part of his reading family. Steve tells us of the greats who came before him and worked with him.  He tells us of epic adventures with names we are all familiar with.  Exotic locations in the Alps, and Little Areas That Rock.  Steve was at the helm of the POWDER ship and helped name the things we all know in our hearts makes skiing special.




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